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At The End Of The Day, Let’s Be Honest, No One Cares

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2005 3:52 am    Post subject: At The End Of The Day, Let’s Be Honest, No One Cares Reply with quote

Today as we all sit at our computer and get ready to place our next wager on a Major League Baseball game, do you actually think that there is one person who really cares whether ballplayers are using steroids? Our concern is whether John Smoltz can lead the Atlanta Braves to another division crown, or will the Florida Marlins bounce back from their sub par season of a year ago.

We care about results, the bottom line and how our team goes about obtaining victory is of no concern to the average Joe, “just win baby”! It makes me laugh that all these insightful and knowledgeable reporters that cover baseball and have been doing so for the past 20 years, never stepped up to the table, when it was evident that players were juicing.

Years ago coaches and management frowned on players who bulked up, as they said it slowed down their swing and you had to have bat speed right? Then McGwire and Cansesco come along, you know the “Bash Brothers” and are hitting titanic shots, one after the other and selling out stadiums.

Of course we had our local beat writers handing on every word that these incredible athletes were uttering, yet not one of them was questioning the sudden transformation in their bodies. I mean Pudge Rodriguez walks into training camp twenty pounds lighter this year and proclaims that he is getting older and needs more speed and quickness.

Are you seriously going to believe that players, general managers and sportswriters, were not aware that Ken Camaniti was not gobbling up the juice, as he was putting up those incredible numbers?

We place wagers to win and professional sports teams play games to win and make money and how they go about preparing themselves for battle, is of no concern to us. I mean look at the incredible growth of NASCAR, a sport that is based on speed and cheating. You have some of your top drivers zooming around at top speed with advertisement everywhere on their car, promoting Crown Royal Whisky, Smirnoff Ice and Budweiser.

Gee wiz let me think, driving your car at top speed and sucking on a Bud, there’s nothing wrong with that picture! No we don’t care as long as Kurt Busch beats Jimmie Johnson and we cash are ticket. We certainly don’t seem to mind that Evander Hollyfield is going to be reduced to a vegetable state in the not to distant future, no he allowed me to cash a huge ticket when he beat Tyson!

Of course our local states and governments are really concerned that gambling is such an awful disease and will destroy your life, so they put these beautiful commercials in front of you on an hourly basis, about how winning the lottery will change your life. They forget to tell you that the odds of you winning are about 1 in 25 million!

No, I think I’ll stick with my friendly online sportsbook who gives me a 50% chance of winning, right from the comfort and convenience of my own home! Yes a moment of “instant gratification”!
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