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Damn Well Worth It?
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 15, 2005 4:01 am    Post subject: Re: Damn Well Worth It? Reply with quote

Only members can view the member only forums on the Axis Power Craps
site. At present we have around 340 subscribers. There are over
18,000 posts archived on the site. What you and other non-subscribers
are able to see is the "public" portion of the board. That consists of
promos for upcoming classes, books, CD's, information on how to
subscribe to the board, and a few sample threads. Subscriptions are
$18.99 for the first year and $12 per year renewal. Subscriptions run
from September 1st thru August 31st. Right now I'm running a special
for the remainder of the current year's subscription (now thru August
31st). Get the balance of the subscription year free - you only pay
the $6.99 account set-up fee. BARGAIN.

The Wrong Way Craps board has over 500 members. Again, you must be
member of the board to view member only boards. However, this board is
"free" to the general public. It does require registration with a
valid e-mail address. Other than that - no charge.

I "locked up" the Dice Heaven board shortly after launching the
CrapsFest site. The original intent was to launch a message board on
the CrapsFest site. We do have a board set up over there, but have not
actively promoted it. Like the Wrong Way Craps board, it is a "free"
forum. It only requires registration with a valid e-mail address.

ALL of the boards have terms of service relating to member conduct.
Essentially they're the kindergarten rules. Be nice. Don't hit. Pick
up your toys when you're through playing. I don't tolerate a lot of
flaming or personal attacks. It's not a democracy. It's a benevolant
dictatorship. There's plenty of room for spirited discussion and
disagreement - as long as it falls within the terms of service of the
board. Break the rules and you're 86'd. That is EXACTLY why the
boards have been so successful.

I might also mention that we have a craps chat room over on the site. About once a month we'll have a planned chat over
there where we'll typically have 20 - 30 people on line at a time.

As for "daily" use of the chat room - there are a few folks who go
there regularly. We try to plan those get togethers according to this

10PM Eastern
9PM Central
8PM Mountain
7PM Pacific

Newsgroup members are welcome to cruise that chat room if you wish.
Same rules apply as for the message boards. Essentially - be nice or
be gone.
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