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FAQ * r.g.l.faq * 04/19/2005

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Robert Perkis

PostPosted: Tue Apr 19, 2005 7:02 am    Post subject: FAQ * r.g.l.faq * 04/19/2005 Reply with quote

rec.gambling.lottery FAQ

Welcome to rec.gambling.lottery, the premier lotto lottery
discussion group on the internet. R.G.L. exists primarily to
promote the free and open discussion of topics relating to lotto
and lottery games. R.G.L. also hosts discussions on legal
contests and sweepstakes, as well as other legal gaming involving
balls either real or simulated, such as casino Bingo, Roulette,
Keno and video Keno as they relate to lotto.

The following information is offered to enhance your visit.

ADVERTISING: R.G.L. does not allow commercial advertising.
However, in an effort to attract participation in the group by
responsible authors of systems and software, some advertising
with lotto informational content, will be allowed by those
willing to join with us in exciting discussions of their ideas,
systems and programs.

Authors of lottery systems and software making claims of prize
winning powers beyond normal expectation are required to provide
proof of efficacy when making such pronouncements.

While the offer of free lotto tickets is appreciated, they are
NOT your free ticket to post ads for otherwise Off Topic web
sites in r.g.l. R.G.L. readers will find you through your
sponsorship of those games and not the use of their free banners.

R.G.L. allows the occasional advertising or invitation to visit
legitimate lottery clubs. The predatory clubs that pocket more
then their owners put into tickets, the ones with pyramid/mlm
"earn an income" schemes, the ones that don't make their cost to
play per member per ticket(s) purchased clear, the ones where
winning is not the focus of the club and play in a way not likely
to capture a prize worth winning, that have no clear contract of
what will happen if they win at each prize tier, these clubs are
not welcome in r.g.l. may be illegal and will be treated as spam.

Affiliate ads, link code and web sites consisting primarily of
affiliate ads for casinos, contests, sweepstakes, get paid to
surf, chain letters, lotto mlm clubs, free lotto games, and all
other non-useful lottery content are NOT welcome in r.g.l. you
can't post them here. Owners of free lotto games are welcome to
occasionally post a description and invitation to play.

BEHAVIOR: Keep in mind we're here to discuss the lottery. If it
isn't lottery related, don't ask, don't tell. Lurk more than you
post and disagree without being disagreeable. Keep it civil,
common sense is welcome, personal attacks and sniping is not, nor
is foul or dirty language (if you don't hear it on conventional
broadcast TV, don't use it here).

INFORMATION: These links are for information purposes only.
Posting of these links in no-way implies approval or a
recommendation to purchase product or services. Some links are
here partly because they provide good links to even more links.
Missing links, in no-way implies disapproval of a particular
product or service and said missing link probably appears in a
list of links, on one of these sites below.

LINKS: Remember, some of this information may be helpful, some
discouraging and some about as useful as fairy wings on a garbage

Archives: Thousands of Previous r.g.l. posts may be viewed at

CLUBS: Join with others to share costs and prizes, visit. . .

Mario's Lottery Groups

Texas Lotto Club

Start your own club, visit. . .

The Lotto Manager II by Microcense Lotto software for your club
w/printable e-book

INFORMATION: past winning numbers, etc. visit. . .

Currency Converter, what your money's worth in a foreign game?

Canadian Lotteries - News and Results.

The Global Lottery Collector's Society: tickets & memorabilia

Richard K. Lloyd, lottery information, links, winning numbers

Lotto Edge magazine

Lotto-Logix: Little of this, little of that, lotto resources

LottoMasta: Lotto Guru and System Designer, Aussie lotto info

Lotto & Lottery, Search Engine Collection of lottery links

LottoNet New Media Services, fastest source for US lotto #'s.

Need to Net: Popular lottery games analyzed

New York State Lottery Stats and Results by WebEstate

Royce Penny's Money Machine/Canada 6/49 analysis

Lottery Directory: Lottery resources and search

The Lottery Institute

The Lottery Mine: Lottery tips and strategy.

The Lottery Site: Information on Internet, US and World Lotto

Lotto People Magazine - About people who play and win.

Lotto Tutor - lottery information and forums.

The Procyon Rising Project - Beating the lottery by teamwork

3TooWin - Free Pick-3 strategies.

USA TODAY Lottery Results

SOFTWARE: to store data, sort numbers, wheel, etc. visit. . .

CDEX Group's Lottery Director software and free demo

Data Solutions' Windows Lotto Pro

Entertainment On-Line's Ultimate Lottery Tracker & Wheeler

FIDIM Interactive's "MeatierLottoJist" for Macintosh

Future Soft's Lottowin-Lottery Line Builder and free demo

Gail Howard's Smart Luck Home Page

JPM VersaBet software

Lottery Cracker: Get the free trial demo and version 2

Lotto Genius: Original online lottery wheeling software

McLottery Pro - Lottery software for the Mac.

Morris Bower's Super Lotto-Master Gold

Robert C.J.'s Nederlandse Lotto Stieken wheeling & software

UltraLott: Wheels, charts, suggests and checks, DL results.

Walter Computer Services, Lottery Boss Pro, Wheel Wright, etc.

YOUR LUCKY NUMBERS - Prediction Software, Tips, Systems, etc.


Australian Area Lottery Games

German Lottery Agent (Official)


These free lottery games have at least a grand prize worth
$25,000. most are $50,000. or MORE for six correct numbers. At
first attempt they can be a little trying, continued play will
develop player skills making navigating easier. It is possible
to play several hundred tickets per week free.

You must be an adult, 18 years or older (21 in some
jurisdictions) to play these games. Some of these games may be
illegal in your country, state, province, or village. Please
confer with your local law enforcement, congress, president,
religious leader, dictator, guardian, conscience or whoever is
responsible for telling you what to do, to see if you are allowed
to play these sorts of games.

Acme Lotto uses Pennsylvania 6/69 data Tue draws

A Free Lotto uses Pennsylvania 6/69 data Tue and Fri draws

All-Lotto-Fun uses Wisconsin 6/49 data Wed draws

Alligator Lotto uses Pennsylvania 6/69 data Tue draws

A Lottery uses Powerball data Sat draws

Best Online Lotto uses Illinois 6/52 data Sat draws

Big Cash Lotto uses Pennsylvania 6/69 data Tue draws

Big Lotto Fun uses Pennsylvania 6/69 data Tue draws

Box Lotto uses Pennsylvania 6/69 data Tue draws

Bunny Lotto uses Pennsylvania 6/69 data Tue draws

Crazy Don's Free Lotto uses Pennsylvania 6/69 data draws

Duck Lotto uses Pennsylvania 6/69 data Fri draws

Email-Lotto uses Pennsylvania 6/69 data Fri draws

Free Cash-Lotto uses Pennsylvania 6/69 data Fri draws

FreeLotto $1 Million daily draw 6/54 game and 6 more

Free Money Lotto uses Pennsylvania 6/69 data Tue draws

Frog Lotto uses Pennsylvania 6/69 data Fri draws

Got Free Lotto? $11 million in prizes 6 games

The Internet's FREE $3 Million Dollar Lottery

Lotto 4 Cash: uses 6/49 Wisc Megabucks + PowerBall Wed & Sat

LotoLuck: share in Spanish Loteria Primitiva tickets

Lotto Pick 6 uses New Jersey 6/49 data Thurs draws

Lucky Lotto Web uses Florida 6/53 fata Sat draws

Lucky 7 Lotto uses New Jersey 6/49 data Mon draws

Lucky Surf Million Dollar Lottery 7/50

Lucky Winner Lotto uses New York 6/59 data Wed draws

MaXimum Lotto uses Pennsylvania 6/69 data Tue draws

My Extra Income Lotto uses Pa 6/69 data Fri draws

Play elotto uses Pennsylvania 6/69 data Fri draws

Spider Lotto uses Pennsylvania 6/69 data Fri draws

Spot Lotto uses Pennsylvania 6/69 data Fri draws

The Daily Draw U.K. million pound gp uses inhouse draw

Tombola Free Lotto Syndicate

Totally Free Lotto uses Texas 6/54 Sat draw

More free lotto games are listed at . . .

Free casino games that pay cash or prizes are listed at . . .

STARS: The movement of the stars rules everything, visit. . .

Tara Pierce's Astro Star Lotto web site.

WHEELS: Wheeling and covering design information.

Uros Boltin's Ininuga pc program to make and test wheels.

Iliya Bluskov's Lotbook over 300 pages of high value wheels

Philippe Coustaux's Wheeling Respository

Rade Belic's covering site and 3if6in49#163 ticket wheel.

Dan Gordon's La Jolla Covering Repository:

Mladen Malik's Pick-7 Wheels

Nick Koutras' Lotto Designs, Wheel Builders and Tech papers

Nick A Quid: Lottery wheel perms that use only 9 tickets

Uenal Mutlu's wheeling info and 3if6in48#168 ticket wheel.

John Rawson's Cover Master wheel builder (worth the effort)

Peter Rosendahl's wheeling web site and 3if6in48n161c wheel

The Lottery Institute:

LURKING: It is suggested you spend some time reading the R.G.L.
group prior to posting your question, pet theory or ad.

MODERATION: R.G.L. is an unmoderated group. Posts come to you
uncensored, exactly as written by their original authors, bugs,
barnacles, barbs and all. Please do NOT construe this to be an
open invitation to post whatever you want here.

R.G.L. is NOT a classified ad group, nor are we interested in
"Make Money FA$T" offers, sports wagering or casino vacations.
Any postings referring to an "M.L.M Downline" in the deal is
practically offensive. This group is kept tidy by its readers,
so don't be surprised if your offending post is forwarded to your
ISP (internet service provider) to see if it is in violation of
your TOS (terms of service) agreement and to see if they enjoy
reading your posts as much as we do.

Some R.G.L. readers would appear to have the ability to make the
web sites of offending posters disappear like a snowflake in a
flame thrower. How this may be accomplished is neither condoned
or understood, however it is done you won't like it.

Q&A: [Under construction]

Q: What are the tax consequences of a large lotto prize?

A: This is an international newsgroup, but for a U.S. resident
(since the topic of the moment is Powerball), it goes something
like this.

1. It is "gambling winnings".
2. In the U.S. gambling winnings are classed as income.
3. You pay income tax according to the tax tables.
4. You will be in the top tax bracket.
5. Top U.S. Federal tax is 39.6% (over $278,450.)
6. Federal Tax on $1,000,000. is $84,666.50 + (1,000,000. -
278,450.) * 0.396 = 84,666.50 + 285,733.80 = 370,400.30 (assuming
no other income and no deductions).
7. Use 40% as an easy-to-calculate rule-of-thumb for amounts in
excess of $1M?
8. Add your appropriate / applicable state and local income
9. Don't forget that your "gifts" to relatives/etc. may incur
further taxes to all parties depending upon the size of the

Residents of other countries are (usually) subject to the tax
rules of that country (which may make it tax-free). U.S.
citizens resident in another country are (usually) subject to the
tax rules of the foreign country and the U.S.

Q. What do the codes stand for at the Covering Repositories?

A. First the Mathematical Definitions:

A Covering Design (or Lottery Wheel) C(v,k,t,m,l,b) is a pair
(V,B), where V is a set of v elements (called points) and B is a
collection of b k-subsets of V (called blocks), such that every
m-subset of V intersects at least 1 member of B in at least t
points (v >= k >= t and m >= t)

For the Lottery you have:

v = numbers to be wheeled.
k = 6 for Pick-6-Lotteries or 5 for the Pick-5-Lottery
t = guaranteed minimum winning
m = numbers you have to guess from the v numbers in order to get
your t-win,
l = usually 1,
b = number of tickets you need to guarantee the t-win

I prefer the notation c(v,k,t,m,l,)<=b or as l=1 c(v,k,t,m)<=b

Other words for a covering design or lottery wheel are:
"cover", "system", "block design", "constant weight covering
code", or "Lottosystem" in German.

A Pick-5, 3on5 wheel for 26 numbers requiring 68 tickets is a
c(26,5,3,5,1,6Cool, or a c(26,5,3,5)<=68.

I am aware of 3 "covering repositories" on the net:

1) Dan Gordon's site at:

He has a collection of covers for v<=32, k<=16, t<=8, and very
important: m=t !!! Covers with k around 10 could be used in

To request a cover from him simply type in the numbers v, k, and
t and your email address and the cover c(v,k,t,m=t) is emailed to

2) Peter Rosendahl's site at:

He has wheels for Pick-3 to "Pick-9 Lotteries"
Example: a Pick-6 "guarantee 3/4 in 9 Number's 3 lines" wheel
(editor's note 4if6in9#'s,3T's) on his site is a c(9,6,3,4)=3.
All the wheels can be downloaded.

3) Rade Belic's site at:

He is maintaining the most complete list of bounds (the current
minimum size) on coverings.

An entry on his list usually has the form 23,6,5,5 6164
That is a c(23,6,5,5)=6164 cover.
He has also some wheels for downloading on the site.

Constructing good covers (good = less tickets same guarantee) is
a pretty difficult task. The efforts for finding better covers
are justified by their importance as error correcting codes in
data transmission.

I use the opportunity again to emphasize that the average winning
rate **over a long period of time** is always a constant
depending only on the average amount paid for the prizes. It
does not matter which wheel's tickets are played - your 100, my
100, 100 random tickets, or even 100 times the same ticket. In
most Lotteries the winning rate is 0.2 to 0.4, in other words you
are going to lose 60-80% of your investment money.

For a *short period of time* you can be on the "positive side"
for some time, if you hit the big one early even for a really
long time. But the only way to get on the positive side is to be
lucky. I hope you folks here are all aware that these wheels,
filters, prediction attempts or whatever else are just for
personal entertainment and do nothing to bring you on the
"positive lottery side". Keep playing.

Editor's note: While this is true of the next drawing and an
infinite linear perspective of lottery drawings fading into the
distant future, the actual lottery enterprise system and our
playing schedule is finite. If we consider our playing
opportunity to be one or more sessions of lotto play, there is a
utility value in playing a strategy of a type likely to be drawn
more often, in contrast to one with few or no chances to win in
our lifetime. R.P.


SHILLS: Persons who tout the benefits of various on-line casinos
and betting systems, yet claim no personal connection to the
services offered. Always begin by checking the e-mail address of
the shill against any e-mail or feedback address posted on the
promoted site. Shills are not welcome in r.g.l.

SPAMMERS: Persons who post multiple, off-topic, commercial, or
shill messages across the rec groups, often flying just below the
restrictions posed by their server's terms of service. The
spammer hopes others will reply to these messages and kite them
deeper and further into the groups. Spammer messages should
never be replied to on line. If they must be replied to, remove
all additional addresses prior to posting or you will also be a
spammer. Spammers are not welcome in r.g.l.

TROLLS: Unknown posters with forged or bogus e-mail addresses,
who "pop" into the group with outrageous statements, racist
terms, or offensive language are clearly trolls. These vermin
are not worth responding to, as it only helps to spread their
message. Just ignore their pathetic cries for attention.

WRITING: Authors interested in creating rec.gambling.lottery
FAQ's for Statistics, Math, Wheeling, etc. get something up so we
can all begin to work with it. Suggestions and additions to the
above FAQ will be cheerfully considered. Robert Perkis

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 19, 2005 8:01 am    Post subject: Re: FAQ * r.g.l.faq * 04/19/2005 Reply with quote

Add my website in

some more of Pick7 and pick8 wheelings,go to
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