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Online Sportsbook Ratings and Reviews

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Here you will find a list of the best online sports books on the Internet. We have visited all the sites listed and we have rated them with an overall score. We invite our visitors to share their thoughts on these sites or any others that are missing from this list. Don't miss the live lines at the bottom of this page.
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Sportsbook Ratings Reviews
Molly Guest Molly Guest
Betgameday Our Rating: 5     view
Bodog Sports Our Rating: 5 Guest Rating: 5   view
VIP Sports Our Rating: 5 Guest Rating: 5 view view Our Rating: 5     view
Nine Sports Our Rating: 4     view Our Rating: 4 Guest Rating: 4.5   view
Skybook Our Rating: 4     view
VIP Soccer Our Rating: 4     view
Betmaker Our Rating: 3 Guest Rating: 2   view
LinesMaker Our Rating: 3     view Our Rating: 3     view
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Ratings Reviews
Molly Guest Molly Guest
VIP Horses Our Rating: 5   view view
Nine Horses Our Rating: 4     view
LinesMaker Horses Our Rating: 3     view
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Ratings Reviews
Molly Guest Molly Guest
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Ratings Reviews
Molly Guest Molly Guest
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Sports Betting Article Previews

There has always been spirited discussion in relationship to investing in the stock market versus the merits of being a professional gambler. For years the folks who head on over to Wall Street to make a living have been looked upon as individuals with a strong analytical business mind, that have had years of college education. This background has persuaded many individuals with excess capital to trust their finances with these speculators.

On the other side of the fence sits the sports handicapper, who for many years, has been watching and reading about various sports teams and individuals. They analyze the draft every year, study the injury report, pour over statistics that reveal how their team plays at home, on the road, indoors or outdoors, cold or warm weather and then decide with at least a 50% chance of winning, what team or individual they should wager on.more about sports wagering...

Line moves are made at sportsbooks for much the same reason that share prices change in the stock market: to balance supply and demand. Brokers look to put a buyer and a seller together and collect a fee for the transaction. Sometimes they need to adjust the selling price in shares to get more buyers or more sellers.

It’s a lot like that in the sportsbook world, except bookmakers never truly have a buyer and seller in place at the same time, so they hold positions in order to provide liquidity for their players. Lines are moved to attract bettors to the side where the house needs more money, and away from the side where the house already has lots of action. more about line moves...

Who really likes math? When it comes to betting on football, most North American bettors favor pointspreads over moneylines simply because they get pointspreads. There’s no math involved. Once you face your fear of math, however, you’ll find that betting on moneylines is easier than you think.

With pointspreads, it’s easy to spot the difference between –3 and –4, right? But how much value is there between moneylines of –170 and –210? Most people don’t get that; it’s just not something that’s intuitive to football bettors. more about sportsbook moneylines...

There’s no disputing the tremendous appeal of football, but with a new NBA season stretched out in front of you, your entire week just got that much more interesting.

From a betting perspective, football and basketball are very similar. Both are bet primarily using pointspreads. But with more games played over the course of a season, basketball gives you more betting opportunities.

Let’s say you’re primarily a trend bettor, someone who likes to bet home dogs. Well, you’re going to get five times the number of home dogs to bet on in the NBA. Whatever your style of betting, you’re going to get more of those sorts of opportunities betting on basketball. more about betting on football and basketball...

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Gambling is a risk activity. Whether you are betting on poker, sports, horses, the roll of the craps dice, the spin of a roulette wheel, the spin of a slot machine, against your backgammon opponent, or any other ways to risk your money, you must be aware that you can lose some or all of it. The owners and operators of this website advise you to gamble online with "play money" only, but if you choose to gamble online with real money we advise you to gamble only with money you can afford to lose. The owners and operators of this website may be compensated for referring you to a site listed, but the owners and operators of this site are not responsible for any of your disputes or losses whether you are an adult or minor. We will attempt to help you with your disputes, but we cannot guarantee results. Much of the information on this site is hand edited and may be out of date and incorrect and we provide no guarantees. You are responsible for verifying all bonus offers, codes, promotions, and terms and conditions. Reviews, recommendations, ratings, guiedance, help, tips, strategies, etc., are opinions of the respective authors and editors and the owners and operators of this site are not responsible for any bad advice. Although we believe the sites advertised, hyperlinked, or otherwise, are legitimate and operate in good faith, the owners and operators of this website are not responsible for the activities and bad faith of any site listed. Online gambling may be illegal in your area, so the operators of this website insist that you abide by your local gambling laws.

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