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Here you will find a list of the best online sportsbooks on the Internet. We have visited all the sites listed and we have rated them with an overall score. We invite our visitors to share their thoughts on these sites or any others that are missing from this list
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Sportsbook Ratings Reviews
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Betgameday Our Rating: 5 Guest Rating: 2 view view
Bodog Sports Our Rating: 5 Guest Rating: 2.3 view view
VIP Sports Our Rating: 5 Guest Rating: 5 view view
Nine Sports Our Rating: 4 Guest Rating: 4.5 view view
Skybook Our Rating: 4   view view
LinesMaker Our Rating: 3   view view
Sportsbook.net Our Rating: 3     view
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Ratings Reviews
Molly Guest Molly Guest
VIP Horses Our Rating: 5   view view
Nine Horses Our Rating: 4   view view
LinesMaker Horses Our Rating: 3   view view
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Ratings Reviews
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Ratings Reviews
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Sports Betting Article Previews

The best rivalries are often the ones that pit neighbor against neighbor, brother against brother. With no preseason schedule and a built-in rivalry system, college football is about as good as it gets!

That first game of the year has got to scare the living daylights out of coaches. You have 11 or 12 games in a regular season, six to eight of them will be mandated by the conference, and the other three to five games you set up on your own. So you've really got to pick that first game wisely.

If you pick a team that isn't very good and you beat them badly, then your respect level is at risk and the BCS polls won't give you any credit because you've simply beat a team that you were supposed to beat. more...

As you're looking through this week's schedule and you're trying to decide on which teams to bet on, it's always a good idea to look at the home dogs first. When you take the dog, there are three results that can occur in a game: the dog can win, the favorite can win, or the dog can lose but cover. Two of those outcomes are good, only one is bad! Take the Week One game between Atlanta at San Francisco. San Francisco was down 21-13 and came back with a late touchdown that really didn't affect the outcome of the game (Atlanta won 21-19), but all of a sudden your +3.5 looks pretty good. Then in Week Two it was the New York Giants (+3) over Washington with some impressive looking defense from what I could tell. more...

Money management theories abound but I have yet to see any proof that any of them really work. What I do know is there are a lot of bad money management strategies to avoid and that is what I will cover in this article.

Let me get the key point out of the way: Poor money management generates more losses for players than bad handicapping or not shopping for lines. Even the worst bettors seldom lose more than 55% of straight wagers. The easiest way to explain is to show a few examples. Take a look at the following four scenarios and hopefully you won't recognize any of these habits as yours. more...

Also known as a combo, a parlay is a selection of two or more wagering outcomes, in which the odds for the payouts increase with the number of teams (sides/totals) chosen; the more teams you choose to parlay, the better the payout. You can combine different sports, pointspreads and moneylines in win/loss and/or totals betting.

In all honesty it's hard for me, on behalf of players, to recommend parlays because of the high hold percentage given to the house, but I can understand why players like betting parlays - it's all about the big payoffs! "Sometimes the smallest investments can turn into the greatest rewards," said one winner. more...

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