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Prima Poker Network

Review Date: April 6, 2005

Take your pick. Royal Vegas Poker, Poker Rewards, Poker Time, and Virtual City Poker for the most part, are the same poker room. They are all part of the Prima Poker Network and all sites share the same tables. So if you are on Royal Vegas Poker, you may be playing against players from the other sites. That, of course, begs the question, which site should you choose. Molly’s Poker suggests that you look at the current bonus offers and player rewards programs and pick the one that offers you the most for your situation. Still can’t decide? Perhaps you should download them all and pick the one with the skin you like the best.

The beauty of the Prima Poker rooms is in their simplicity. Nothing fancy to distract you from what you’re there to do in the first place, play some serious poker. The tables are simple looking, no obnoxious avatars (Full Tilt), characters (Party/Empire), or baby pictures (Poker Stars). The player notes feature is useful, but Molly’s Poker wishes it were similar to Party’s player notes, which display a small icon on the player’s nameplate when you have notes for the player. The only way to tell on Prima Poker, without actually opening up the notepad, is by holding your cursor over the player’s nameplate for about 10 seconds at which point the notepad will be displayed. The only other complaint is that the next move buttons, although placed very well, are a little buggy and don’t always show the correct possible moves. In this case the player just needs to wait for the live button to appear.

If you like micro limit table, the Prima Poker rooms offer a variety of micro limit tables. The 5¢/10¢ no/pot limit and 10¢/20¢ fixed limit are an excellent place to park if your bankroll is light, you’re a beginner, or you’re honing your skills before moving up to higher limits. The 5¢/10¢ no limit games have a maximum buy in of only $2, which isn’t going to break you and it gives you a great idea who the skilled players are when you see someone with a stack of $10 or more. For you high rollers out there the biggest limit tables are $100/$200.

The action at the low limits is good on the Omaha, 7-Stud, and 5-Stud tables. As expected there is more than enough action on the low limit Hold ‘Em tables, and it’s not unusual to be 3rd or 4th on the waiting list for micro limit Hold ‘Em table. The action at the higher limits on the non-Hold ‘Em tables is light. Higher limit Hold ‘Em tables have some action. Molly’s Poker suggests that high rollers should download one of the sites and observe the action for the kind of game that floats your boat. If the action is not good enough for your tastes then give Party Poker or Empire Poker a try where the action is always good no matter which game or limit you prefer.

Of course, like every other poker room, the Prima Poker rooms have the tournament games as well. However, the Prima Poker rooms have something on the order of eight multi-table freeroll tournaments every day. Generally they are open to players who have had a minimum number of raked hands in the past day or two, but there are some that are open to all. At present they have $1000 freerolls for players who have had 50 raked hands in the past 24 hours and $200 freerolls open to all players. In addition there are low buy-in tournaments ($1+$0) and up.

So, to wrap this review up, the Prima Poker rooms are perfect for the micro limit players with their variety of micro limit tables, games, and low buy-in tournaments. Mid and high rollers may be better served elsewhere, but download the site and see if you like or dislike what you find.

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